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Famous (ish?) People I’ve Met in Cedar Rapids Lately

July 3, 2013

Cedar Rapids may not be a bustling metropolis, but we’ve got our fair share of pretty cool stuff going on. Just look at all the famous (and famous in certain circles) people I’ve met in the past few months!

May 15: Singer Grant-Lee Phillips at CSPS in the NewBo area:

Me & Grant-Lee

Me & Grant-Lee

May 30:Author  Vanessa Diffenbaugh at Coe College (thanks to Junior League of Cedar Rapids):

Kristie and Vanessa Diffenbaugh

Me & author Vanessa Diffenbaugh and the awesome Junior League of Cedar Rapids Foster Teen Suitcase

June 28: Singer Paula Cole at CSPS 

Kristie and Paula Cole

Me & singer Paula Cole

And, although it may not appear to be so, those are actually three different black, v-neck outfits, with three different teal, drop-pendant necklaces. Apparently that’s my standard for “meet cool people casual.”

So, who have you met lately in the Cedar Rapids area?

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