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Paper Crafts: Treasure Books

September 16, 2010

Another day, another gutted book. This time, literally. I ripped the innards out of a few books, creating a pretty schmancy hiding place for your Plantation Dainties , if you’re into that sort of thing.

Old books have a way of finding their way to me, and with great delight I dove into the pile and pulled out some candidates for cuttin’. These are absolutely lovely books, perfect for displaying on a nightstand or dresser. I suppose if you really wanted to “hide” something in them, though, you’d want to choose something far more boring. Like a book on economics.

Treasure Books, outside

Please don't be offended by the grisly book innards

I dug in with my craft knife, added a few pretty ribbons, and just like that we’re in business.

Treasure Books, inside

Inside "Be Perfect." "Contents," get it?

No need for a tutorial, really; it’s a very straightforward process.

  • Open book, flip a few pages to a good place to start (I like to use the Contents or Table of Contents page as the top page to cut if possible)
  • Draw a rectangle the size of the things you want to hide and cut along the lines, stopping about halfway through the book, or further if your objects to be hidden are deeper
  • With a piece of ribbon, tie the cut pages together. If you have an amazing amount of time and patience, you could glue all the pages together for more of a true box effect

I intended to give this next one as a gag gift to my brother, who’s getting married next month, as a substitute ring bearer’s pillow. But I really like my sister-in-law-to-be, so I didn’t want her to take it the wrong way.

Of Human Bondage

Probably not the best choice for a wedding

Hopefully I’ll find a more suitable tome before the wedding.

Of Human Bondage


Of Human Bondage, inside


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  1. amanda permalink
    September 22, 2010 3:51 pm

    Very fitting for the symbolism and and Groom 🙂


  1. The Book Doctor Is In: End Times –

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